Roy Bates, the author of the Adventures of Ernie the Garden Snake has a secret identity...he is also known as Oscar Hinkle Dinkle, the Hobo Clown!

Oscar has been a clown since 1983 ... and a very joyful clown he is! Oscar and his clown buddies  have performed in the circus several times ... in a big three ring circus ... in front of 8000 people! Oscar Hinkle Dinkle and his clown pals would run around the big tent in front of the elephants and one thing they learned very quickly is NEVER STOP RUNNING when you are being chased by elephants.

You can usually find Oscar Hinkle Dinkle walking around, shaking hands and telling jokes. He is thinking about running for office ... we can always use another clown in Washington. 

Oscar loves zoos, children's homes, and can also be seen at places like Burger King, Walmart, Kmart, local corn maze, Fish Frys (talk about good eating) and some birthday parties. You'll find him tooting his bicycle horn (and the kids tooting back), creating balloon animals and making everyone just feel great!

Roy Bates (and Oscar Hinkle Dinkle) would love to here from you. You can email him at RBates50@aol.com

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